Monday, May 4, 2009

Conversations Presents Its "Top 20 Summer Reads 2009"

It is one of the most powerful lists that Conversations Book Club puts together each year. The books that make the list are from authors and genres that book club President Cyrus A. Webb have personally read and has put his stamp of approval upon. Now as the first issue in 2009 of Conversations Magazine prepares to be released, the book club is pleased to unveil those who make up the "Top 20 Summer Reads" of 2009!

Listed in no particular order, here are the books and their authors who Conversations Book Club and its 10 chapters feel should be on your "Must Have" list as you make your summer plans:

* "The Chemist" by Janson Mancheski
* "The Fox" by Arlene Radasky
* "The Magic Bullet" by Andrew Neiderman
* "A Voice Behind Thunder" by Carrie Elizabeth Greene
* "The Green Eyed Butterfly" by Kifany Dugger
* "Make Me Whole" by Roishina Clay Henderson
* "Traitor" by Mark Eller
* "Jena's Choice" by Beverly J. Scott
* "Abramo's Gift" by Donald Greco
* "Dead Wreckoning" by Sylvia Dickey Smith
* "When Lightning Strikes" by Keya
* "The Happiness Factor" by Kirk Wilkinson
* "My Heart Has Wings" by Kris King
* "We'll Always Be Pals" by Tom McManus
* "The Smartest Way to Save" by Samuel K. Freshman & Heidi E. Clingen
* "The Marquise Hill Story" bye Sherry Hill
* "Children of Abraham" by R. H. Martin
* "It's All Love" by Marita Golden
* "Lotto" by Joe McDonald
* "Another Life" by Andrew Vachss

Cyrus A. Webb and Conversations Book Club encourages you to visit these authors online and find out for yourself why these books are so impressive. Look for additional information about the authors to be coming from