Thursday, July 24, 2008

CBC Report: Bestselling author Theresa Gonsalves--- July 22,23, 2008

This is been an author visit I have been looking forward to for almost two years. I was first introduced to Bestselling author Theresa Gonsalves in 2006, just before I started the book club. At the time I was simply the editor of the Conversations Magazine as well as interviewing authors for the Clarion Ledger newspaper. I knew very little about her at first, but her book OBSESSIONS drew me in,and I have been hooked ever since.
After interviews, discussions with Conversations Book Club and an exclusive on my radio show, the two of us met each other for the first time on Tuesday, July 22, 2008 to begin her historic visit to Mississippi promoting her two books OBSESSIONS and THE MAN IN THE WOODS.
On Tuesday we began the day at Wal-Mart on HWY 18 in Jackson, MS with sales being made immediately during the first hour. Joining us was book club member and friend Martin Perkins and it was an awesome experience. Almost a case of books was sold during this event, and then we were on to Richard Wright Library in Jackson, MS where we met with other book lovers for a  pleasant end to the day.

On Wednesday, July 23rd, we returned to Wal-Mart for day two of Gonsalves' visit, with more sales being made, more curious readers wanting to ask questions and congratulate her and real conversations had with others who have experienced some of what the author has written about.
It was a pleasant sight to see: book lovers of all ages, races and backgrounds united for their desire for a good read---and Theresa Gonsalves provited that. Even at her hotel, she was able to talk with others about her stories with books being sold there as well along with hearty conversations about why she felt the need to share her story.
A perfect way to spend her first visit to Mississippi---and there will be more to report soon.
Enjoy your day. Enjoy your life. Enjoy Mississippi!  

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